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TechM-8 Black Pod Pros Carbon Fiber Case

Now you can protect your investment and stand out from the crowd. Precision engineered utilizing the same technology used to make the Boeing Dreamliner and Formula 1 Race Cars: Genuine Carbon Fiber – 5 times stronger than steel and light as a feather. Now you can wrap your premium Apple AirPods Pro Earphones in the protection they deserve.

Ultra thin and ultra light – you won't even know its there, except for all the people asking, “Where did you get that case?” The reason Carbon Fiber is the material of choice in aerospace, motor racing, competitive sailing and other arenas where top level results are required is simply that it is the best ultra-performance material around. Carbon fiber isn’t cheap, but the quality and performance shine though.

• 100% Genuine Carbon Fiber with a matte or polished gloss finish.

• Online only. Not available in stores

• 100% satisfaction guaranteed

• Free shipping available

• Ultralight weight: Just under 15 grams

• Enjoy the super clean finish

• RARE product

• Does not interfere with Bluetooth

• Easy Installation: Simply slide your AirPods Case into the bottom housing, then add the top lip on top and that is it!