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Laser Engraved Real Wood Case For iPhone | Eco-Friendly

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Looking for a way to protect you precious iPhone and still have that unique and sleek look? Check out our wooden phone cases for your iPhone. The case is ultra lightweight, and fully protective for your iPhone. What better way to protect your phone than with the natural feel and finish of wood? A special finish on the wood surface is applied to retain the natural look and feel while offering optimal protection against scratches, water and dirt. The case is handcrafted and treated wood with durable and shock-absorbing polycarbonate is the perfect combination to keep your phone protected and at the same time keeping it in style!

• iPhone Case
• 100% real natural wood backing—no two cases look the same—its one-of-a-kind grain
• Ultra Slim & Sleek Design
• Great Durability
• Easy to put on--one piece case for easy “snap-on” style in matte rubber interior that has a secure and snug fit
• Unrestricted access to ALL ports
• Enlarged camera hole- NO issues with images cut out of your photos or reflections