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TechM-8 6D Premium Shockproof (AirBag) Armor Case For Apple iPhone


TechM-8 6D Premium Shockproof Case For iPhone



Clear cases are awesome as they exude that minimalist look and emulate a ‘bare iPhone’ look. Few cases are able to pull that off, but in the Shockproof Bumper Clear Silicone case’s defense it manages to do the job quite well.


The case has the same appearance as water, which means your friends won’t probably see it until they hold your iPhone in their hands. There’s a certain appeal to showing off the newest iPhone in all its glory, without colors or added effects.



On the protection aspect, the Shockproof Bumper case is unmatched. You get a durable airbag technology that cushions everyday damage, e.g., knocks, abrasions and even that bone-jarring fall to the pavement. Precise cut-outs and raised edges lend 360-degree shielding on scratches and surface abrasions.

 Lucid Clear for iPhone X

Our military grade protective iPhone case is made especially for those always on the go. Engineered with a two-layer construction of qitech™ material, the impact iPhone cases and covers are 6.6 ft. drop test approved, no joke.TechM-8 Impact iPhone  Case = your iPhone's best friend. Real Cute, Real Tough.

The Philosophy

At TechM-8, we believe that self expression is what drives us to create. Every print you see is submitted by a network of artists and creatives around the world so that each purchase goes back to supporting self-expression and creativity. TechM-8 products are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high quality products that you can count on. We champion the one-of-a-kind spirit we all possess. We celebrate YOU. #StateYourCase