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TechM-8 Mini Pocket Magnetic Keychain Charger Power Bank for iPhone/Android

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PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT:Each charging pack is the size of a USB drive, It's so small you can put right back in your pocket, or use it while it's charging.

POWERFUL CAPACITY: Each charging pack provides your phone with enough power for 1.5 hour of gaming, 2.5 hours of video watching, 3 hours of internet browsing, and even 4.5 hours of talk time.

CHARGING STATION: It comes with the charging station to charge 4 charging packs.



  • 5000mAh polymer lithium battery large magnetic charging base *1PC
  • 1000mAh polymer lithium battery small magnetic power bank *4PCS
  • for Apple magnetic head *1PC
  • for Android magnetic head *1PC
  • Type-C magnetic head *1PC (FOR NEWER SAMSUNG AND LG MODELS)
  • Buckles *4PCS
  • Android interface charging cable *1PC

Hook the small Portable Magnetic Charger on your keychain, backpack, or pocket to ensure you are always ready for low-battery scenarios. Each lightweight power bank for iPhone, Samsung, or LG weighs only 32g and is just the size of a USB drive. Its small and streamline design enables you to continue using your phone to make calls or play games while it's charged.

This  wireless magnetic power bank setcontains 4 finger chargers, 1 charging station(5000mAh), 3 magnetic heads, and 1 magnetic micro data cable. If you only need one finger charger, you can connect it to a USB adapter to recharge(charging cable is included)


Easy to Use: Plug one of the charging packs and then charge you mobile phone anywhere. No need to keep your phone in one place while using heavy power banks.

LED Indicator Light:Show you the rest capacity of your power bank.

Double Magnetic Connector:Each charger with a double magnetic connector streamlines the entire charging experience. The magnetic plug can also be used as dust plug.

Magnetic Portable Power Bank - Fast Charging

Our Portable Charger Power Bank is easy to use, plug one of the charging packs and it will charge you mobile anywhere. No need to keep your phone in one place while using heavy power banks. You can even use it while using your phone or playing games


  • Power Bank Specifications:
    Size: 2.75 × 1.22 × 0.47 inch (70 × 31 × 12 mm)
    Color: White
    Material: ABS
    Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
    Input Current: 4.75-5.25V 1A/2.1A (max)
    Operating Temperature: 10°C - 50°C
    Battery Type: Polymer Battery
    Connection Method: Magnetic